The unique 24/7 Sage X3 dedicated Helpdesk in the eco-system

Since 2006, Tema Business Systems is operating a dedicated offshore practice for Sage X3, based in India (Hyderabad).

Our helpdesk is composed of of 23+ support consultants, having balanced focus on functional/domain expertise (finance,sales,production) as well as technical expertise on Sage X3 environment.

We cover all Sage X3 versions (from V13x) and components (x3 client, console, web server, db, reports…).

Our Helpdesk can be contacted through your Sage X3 session, through an add-on that we have specifically developed  in Safe X3, which offers incredible simplicity for X3 users to create support tickets and manage the support process from Sage X3 itself.


Helpdesk add-on for Sage X3

Developed within Sage X3 as an Add-on, fully embedded into X3. Offers seamless support ticket generation from X3, no email, no call. Intelligent support ticket routings : define rules for tickets to be posted to internal IT support or external partners.

A global organization

With more than 45 consultants dedicated to Sage X3, Tema Business Systems is operating one of the largest support and development group in Sage X3 ecosystem.
An ISO 9001:2008 and CMM Level 4 certified organization.

24/7 Helpdesk

A powerful 24/7 support centre entirely dedicated to Sage X3.
Our HelpDesk is composed of functional experts, system and database administrators and Safe X3 developers.
A powerful backoffice offering continuous updates and information on expected resolution time or escalation process.