Rental Management System (RMS) is solution that serves the need of industries that rent equipment, items and services.

Fully integrated into Sage X3

Developed as add-on, the solution is fully integrated into Sage X3 with real time interaction with standard modules.

  • Equipment Data Configuration
  • Pre-configured for industries like construction, Oil/Gas, healthcare, advertisement…
  • Accessories / Kits / Consumables
  • Quotes / Booking / Reservation
  • Contract Driven Rental (Long Term)
  • Service Order Driven Rentals (Short Term)
  • Preventive  / Corrective Maintenance
  • Budgets / Cost Follow up
  • Operational / Financial Analytics



  • Business Lines and Equipment Category management
  • Equipment configuration per business line
  • Inspection questionnaire
  • Equipment sub accessories and consumables
  • Rental Kits
  • Invoicing Parameters

Pre-configured for various Rental Industries

  • Construction
  • Transport / Logistics
  • Advertisement
  • Healthcare
  • RealEstate
  • Oil / Gas / Petrochem


Rental Management System provides an integrated suite of modules that can be adapted to any  rental business

  It gives full control and  visibility into your equipment, inventory, contracts, customers, financials, and business processes allow you to provide high levels of service to your customers.


Powerful Billing Rules

Each industry has its own set of commercial and billing rules for rentals. Containers are rented per duration while car rentals are billed per duration and mileage.

Configure how you want to bill your rentals per Asset Category and your business processes will automatically take into account all the parameters you need to manage on the field.

  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months
  • Quarter
  • Mileage
  • Meter Reading
  • Counters
  • Indexed on duration
  • Indexed on utilization
  • Pro-rated
  • Location
  • Number of moves


Rental Processes

  • Booking /Inquiry per equipment category, duration (days, weeks, months)…
  • Quotes and Reservations
  • Inspection on delivery / return / repair
  • Capture Equipment Utilization per site / per project
  • Location Change
  • Equipment change / Repair
  • Equipment return
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